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Stepping Stones @ Cheviot Youth

Stepping Stones is a partnership youth work project that supports young people aged 10-18 in the Scottish Borders, with the aim of improving their emotional health and wellbeing, and life chances.  

Our Stepping Stones Youth Development Worker, Lee Armitage, supports each young person based on their personal needs, helping them to achieve their full potential and to develop skills through non-formal education activities within a universal youth work setting.

Youth Development Workers support young people by offering:

  • Focused one-to-one support

  • Targeted small group sessions and activities

  • Joint activities with other youth groups in the Scottish Borders

  • Training and volunteering opportunities

  • Youth Achievement Awards

Stepping Stones is not time-limited, allowing each young person to engage in conversation and activities which interest them, for as long as they need. We can provide additional focused support time with individual young people in addition to their participation in universal youth work activities. This additional focus includes setting and reviewing personal goals with the young person.   


"It helped me so much that you just listen without judgement"

Who takes part and how do I get involved..?

Any young person who may need support with or is keen to develop emotional heath, wellbeing, confidence, transition, anxiety, life-skills, bullying and relationships can take part in the project.


Stepping Stones at Cheviot Youth operates within our Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Support Service.  As well as offering a next step supported pathway to full recovery for those accessing therapeutic support within our Mental Health Service, our Youth Development Worker works alongside schools, social work, and other youth and community-based organisations to ensure support is focused on those who need it most. Young people can self-refer by completing a referral form or can be introduced to Stepping Stones by a trusted adult (teacher, nurse, parent etc.). If a young person is under 16, a parent or legal guardian will be asked to complete an information and consent form which they will receive from our administrator Jane.


"I feel like we've changed my life together"

Young people who have taken part...

  • Have an increased ability to express their point of view with other people.

  • Know where to go to access trusted information to help make informed choices.

  • Can use their skills and experience to better cope with life’s challenges.

  • Say their confidence has increased.

  • Consider the potential risks before making choices about where to go and what to do. 


I like being a part of Stepping Stones as it's really good to talk to someone that talks to me like a human and not like I am stupid. You are there to support me and I know I can count on you

David, 11

This project helped improve so many different parts of my life – relationship with my family, recognising toxic relationships, accepting help, CV writing and interview skills, finding a job I really wanted

Yasmin, 15

Further Information...

For further information about Stepping Stones at Cheviot Youth please contact Lee Armitage at: 

For more information about Stepping Stones in general please follow the link below:

Download a copy of our self-referral form here

Download a copy of the Stepping Stones leaflet here

Find out more about Stepping Stones and Youth Borders here

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