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Cheviot Youth aim to provide the highest level of support and guidance to facilitate the growth of young people from dependency to one of interdependence; supporting their personal, emotional and social development and ensuring their voice, influence and place within their community and society is heard and recognised.

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Strategic Pathway 2021 - 2023


We will work to achieve our vision for children, families and community through the work of our three service divisions:

Cheviot Youth’s strategic pathway lays out our promise to children, young people, families and
community for the next three years. It introduces our new three service divisions and makes
public our purpose, ambition and direction. It declares our vision and aims and makes clear how
our strategy is to be supported and delivered.

Youth Work Services

Based in our Jedburgh and Kelso Hubs our services support children and young people aged 8 to 25 years to be confident, healthy, happy, resilient and active participants within their community. We do this by providing support and resources to our Hubs and rural youth clubs to deliver a high quality and wide ranging portfolio of programmes, projects and workshops.

Emotional Well-Being and Mental Health Support Services

Based in our Jedburgh and Kelso Hubs the service offers a range of educational, emotional wellbeing and mental health support provisions for children, young people and family members.  Our team of practitioners utilise a broad spectrum of approaches including play, counselling skills and cognitive behavioural techniques to work with a wide range of difficulties from general anxiety, disruptive behaviour and exam stress to self-harm, eating disorders and suicidality.

Based in both Jedburgh and Kelso Hubs this service offers opportunities and support to all young people looking forward to entering the world of work. The service is based on the needs of each young person and offers a year long programme of training, advice sessions, access to a job club, volunteering and supported employment.

Training, Employability and Advice Services

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These services will be supported by:

Good Financial Stewardship

Cheviot Youth know that we will only achieve our vision through collaboration and partnership ensuring that the most effective and efficient services are delivered.  Trustees will manage and guide our finances in a such a way that delivers efficiency, efficacy and a financially viable service through the best possible use of all resources.

Training and Staff Development

Is one of the best ways we can support our staff, our volunteers and our supported employment employees with the most up to date knowledge, skills and teaching; linked specifically to their roles in supporting and working with children and young people. Cheviot Youth is committed to do all that is possible to ensure that all connected to the Charity are offered the tools and capacity to carry out their roles, responsibilities and work to the highest possible levels in a valued and supported work environment.


Continues to play an important role in the development of all our services; it is essential to the business model we have chosen to develop and expand our Emotional Well-Being and Mental Health Support Service. As a Volunteer Friendly Awarded Charity we understand the benefits to our volunteers and to the charity of putting the volunteer first; evidenced by our commitment to a training programme that offers many different certificated courses and workshops.

Digital Media Project

A programme that is important to all aspects of Cheviot Youth’s work from managing our website, to branding and to updating all other social media platforms. This is why we continue to develop, grow and recruit to the Digital Media team.

Delivering our first steps by:

  • Securing a permanent base in Jedburgh and Kelso that will provide a centre for our three services.

  • Securing three to five year funding for each of our three services.

  • Launching a membership drive to involve children, families and community in the work of Cheviot Youth.

  • Putting in place an annual training diary to be accessed by staff, volunteers and members.

What this means for our children, young people, families and community

  • The best and most comprehensive set of opportunities to learn, grow and develop through activities, experiences, support services, trips, workshops and training.

  • That all opportunities will be taken within our services to encourage the involvement of young people and members in the planning, delivery and through volunteering the participation in the development of all three services. This to be realised through committee work, special interest groups and focus groups.

  • That on each and every occasion we will find the time and the means to note, mark and celebrate the achievements of all in our community through a variety of certificated courses, training and celebratory events.

  • That our caring, understanding, knowledgeable and qualified staff and volunteers will continue to help, support and assist young people and their families through the provision of a wide range of services.

Strategic Pathway
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