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We know at Cheviot Youth that being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with local organisation Parent Space to offer a number of programmes aimed at helping parents and carers navigate their way through the challenges of bringing up a child in 21st Century Scotland...   

...Far for lectures on ‘how to be a parent’, these programmes are instead aimed at providing hints, tips and advice in a safe and supportive environment.  Sessions are relaxed but informative with lots of discussion and specialist professionals on hand to answer questions, bust myths and provide deeper insight. 

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starting TUESDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER 2021
6.30 - 8.30PM

8 weekly sessions providing a safe space to discuss and explore ideas, issues and information with both other parents and specialist  mental health and youth work professionals

Suitable for parents / carers of 11 to 19 year olds

Session DATES

and topics covered:

  • WEEK 1 - 28.9.21

    • Temperament and emotional needs

  • WEEK 2 - 5.10.21

    • Why it's tough being a teenager

  • WEEK 3 - 19.10.21

    • Parenting styles

  • WEEK 4 - 26.10.21

    • Communication 



about this programme:

  • Designed for all parents / carers of 11 to 19 year olds

  • Runs over 8 weekly sessions from 28th Sept 21

  • Is in person at our Kelso Hub (subject to government guidelines)

  • Parents from all areas of the Borders are welcome

  • Is free of charge

  • Is open to book now 

  • WEEK 5 - 2.11.21

    • Handling conflict

  • WEEK 6 - 9.11.21

    • The big issues

  • WEEK 7 - 16.11.21

    • Keeping our teens safe in the digital age

  • WEEK 8 - 23.11.21

    • Building strong families 

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Our ‘Parenting in the Teenage Years’ programme  runs over eight weekly sessions and is aimed at all parents and carers of children and young people aged 11 to 19 years old.  A wide range of topics will be covered helping provide you with the knowledge, advice and insight to parent with increased confidence. 



The programme begins by looking at the changes from childhood to adolescence and explores how to best meet your child’s emotional needs.   We then step into our child’s shoes and consider how we can help with the many changes they are experiencing and the challenge of staying connected.


As sessions progress, we considering parenting styles, their effects on our teenagers and about the power of a consistent approach.  We’ll also explore how to encourage responsibility and negotiate boundaries including things such as your house rules and privacy concerns.


We then look at one of the biggest challenges for parents of teenagers – effective communication. We’ll consider ways to improve this by exploring how to listen well, using empathy and understanding body language.  In addition, we discuss the handling of conflict, how to choose your battles, checking out your anger management style and work on developing effective negotiation skills.


We also explore how to keep teens safe in the digital age with discussions and advice on internet/online safety, boundaries for TV, phones and devices and ways to encourage positive choices to help teens be confident and safe with others.


Finally, we explore our own unintentional contribution to negative behaviour and our responses to this behaviour.  We consider the values we want to pass onto our child and how to build good, lasting memories.


Throughout the programme there will be lots of opportunities to share ideas and discuss concerns both with fellow parents / carers and specialist youth works and mental health professionals.  We use case studies and real-life scenarios to help realistically frame advice and information given as well as discussing how to put into practice new knowledge and insight gained as the course progresses.

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...Parenting in the Teenage Years

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