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  • The Brick-by-Brick™ (LEGO®-based Therapy) programme

Led by professional facilitator and Cheviot Youth Lead Practitioner Ross Irvine, the approach builds upon the work of Dr Dan LeGoff, Clinical Neuropsychologist, and is officially endorsed by the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University Department of Developmental Psychiatry and backed by The LEGO® Foundation.

A social development programme for young people aged from eight to adulthood who enjoy building LEGO® models, it is aimed at those who would benefit from support with social communication, friendships or language.  Unlike some other social skills approaches, it has a particular emphasis on social identity development and on what an individual ‘can do’ rather than ‘can’t do’.  As a collaborative play intervention, members join one of our Brick Clubs, work together to build LEGO® models and in doing so use, practice and develop key social communication skills such as joint attention, shared goals, and mutual purpose.  As most children have played with LEGO® at some point, the sense of familiarity helps reduce anxiety and promote a relaxed and fun environment.


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