Cheviot Youth works with young people helping & supporting them develop skills, gain experience, access opportunities for personal growth & provide challenges that test & inspire. We do this in a positive environment at drop-ins offering a wide range of activities & events & at a number of projects. Increasingly working in partnership with education, health, police, social work & the voluntary sector providing  a comprehensive programme directed by the needs of young people that supports & assists young people through life changes, training, mentoring & supported employment opportunities while championing their achievements & place in the community & ensuring that their voice is heard.


Our Vision

Young people at the very centre of all we do.

Cheviot Youth will support, guide and facilitate young people's growth from dependency to one of interdependence through the encouragement of their personal and social development ensuring that their voice, influence and place within their community and society is heard and recognised.

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The following set of principles direct and guide our work and support the realisation

of our vision

  • We work with and help young people to make informed choices about their responsibility to themselves, their peer group and their local community.

  • We ensure that all youth work is carried out in an environment that promotes acceptance, tolerance and understanding.

  • We work to counter the oppression and discrimination faced by young people through the dissemination of positive stories, contribution to policy and debate and by championing and celebrating the achievements of young people.

  • We work in collaboration and partnership with school, colleges and other partners to help and support young people to achieve and fulfil their potential.

  • We work with statutory and third sector organisations to encourage our community and society as a whole to be responsive to the needs and wishes of children and young people.

  • We trust in our staff and volunteers ability to make great things happen for out children and young people investing in their professional and personal development through support, on the job development and training.